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  • Having trouble with ants?

    Having trouble with ants?

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White-Footed House Ant

Technomyrmex jocosus
  • White-Footed House Ant
    White-Footed House Ant
  • White-Footed House Ant
    White-Footed House Ant
  • White-Footed House Ant
    White-Footed House Ant
  • White-Footed House Ant
    White-Footed House Ant
  • White-Footed House Ant
    White-Footed House Ant
Ant Identification
The worker of the White-footed house ant is approximately 2.7mm in length - body is dark brown/black in colour - yellow-white feet.
Feeds on plant nectar and honeydew. Does not bite or sting, nor does it cause structural damage; considered to be a nuisance pest because they are frequently observed foraging in kitchens, bathrooms, and the exterior of buildings.

Technomyrmex species are general scavengers, form long foraging trails and often enter houses in search of food and water. Workers can be recognised by their habit of raising the abdomen while in motion.

The White-footed House ant is very invasive. A colony can contain up to a million ants and tend to spread out into satellite colonies which nest in different locations. Nests are often in dry sites off the ground outdoors (e.g. in rotten wood, under loose bark on trees) and in wall cavities of buildings.

Nearly half the colony is made up of fertile females, these are winged and larger than wingless females. Winged males mate once before they die, wingless males are capable of multiple mating. The colonies reproductive capabilities are huge making the White-Footed House ant difficult to eradicate.

Adult workers are wingless females and are the ones seen looking for food.
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