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  • Having trouble with feral cats?

    Having trouble with feral cats?

    Our licensed technicians can humanely remove feral cats from your home or business.
    Call us now on (02) 4567 8976 to see how we can help you.

Feral Cats

  • Feral Cat
    Feral Cat
  • Feral Cat
    Feral Cat
  • Feral Cat
    Feral Cat
Feral Cat Identification

Feral cats are the same species as domestic cats, however they live and reproduce in the wild and survive by hunting or scavenging. They are found all over Australia in all habitats, including forests, woodlands, grasslands, wetlands and arid areas.


Feral cats threaten the survival of over 100 native species in Australia. They have caused the extinction of some ground-dwelling birds and small to medium-sized mammals. They are a major cause of decline for many land-based endangered animals such as the bilby, bandicoot, bettong and numbat. Many native animals are struggling to survive so reducing the number killed by this introduced predator will allow their populations to grow.

Feral cats can carry infectious diseases which can be transmitted to native animals, domestic livestock and humans.

Feral cats are predominantly solitary and nocturnal, spending most of the day in the safety of a shelter such as a rabbit burrow, log or rock pile. They are carnivores, generally eating small mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and insects depending on their availability.

Do I Need Professional Feral Cat Control Assistance?

Feral cats will approach a home to find somewhere warm to sleep. They are not comfortable with the indoors. Feral cats may be found sleeping under porches, behind a shed as well as in gardens. Jentel Pest Management licensed technicians can remove and relocate feral cats.

Why call in a professional pest controller for your feral cat control?

Feral cats may be a potential health risk and inconvenience, however some can be rehabilitated and learn to live in a home. Jentel Pest Management can provide humane removal of feral cats.

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