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  • Having trouble with bees?

    Having trouble with bees?

    Bees are an endangered species and a bees nest will only be removed if it poses a significant threat to nearby people. Jentel Pest Management will only treat a bees nest as a last resort and with honey bees, only after contacting a qualified bee keeper.

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Mortar Bee

Amegilla sp.
  • Early Mining Bee
    Early Mining Bee
  • Hairy Footed Flower Bee
    Hairy Footed Flower Bee
  • Leafcutter Bee
    Leafcutter Bee
  • Red Mason Bee
    Red Mason Bee
  • Wool Carder Bee
    Wool Carder Bee
Mortar bees are harmless; they are not aggressive and will not attack. They include the wool-carder bee, the mining bee, the hairy-footed flower-bee, the leafcutter bee and the red mason bee.

These bees are known as masonry or mortar bees because they like to nest in crevices or holes in masonry. They prefer to stay near walls that receive sunshine for much of the day. Mortar bees use naturally occurring holes in bricks or mortar joints (especially mortar with a high lime or sand content).

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