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  • Having trouble with bees?

    Having trouble with bees?

    Bees are an endangered species and a bees nest will only be removed if it poses a significant threat to nearby people. Jentel Pest Management will only treat a bees nest as a last resort and with honey bees, only after contacting a qualified bee keeper.

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Honey Bee

Apis mellifera
  • Honey Bee
    Honey Bee
  • Honey Bee
    Honey Bee
  • Honey Bee
    Honey Bee
Bee Identification
Honey Bees are 13-15mm in length. They are dark brown with yellow bands on the abdomen. Their legs are hairy and the eyes also have hairs on them.
Honey bees are the species kept by Bee Keepers.

If you have a problem with honey bees, contact a local Bee Keeper or Environmental Health Department as they will be able to arrange for the swarm to be relocated.

Honey Bees defend their nest aggressively. The bee dies after stinging, as the sting is left in the victim, tearing out part of the bee abdomen. The sting, with venom gland pumping, is left in. Honey Bee stings cause intense local pain and swelling, and some people have severe allergic reaction.

Honey bees live in hollow trees or in chimneys, wall cavities or roof spaces. They are similar in size to wasps but are furrier and mostly black in colour. Honey bees convert nectar into honey and beeswax. A honey bee swarm will arrive in flight and cluster on a tree branch. A colony size can often be greater than 30,000 individual honey bees. The Honey bee population is under threat from varroa mite and have been listed as an endangered species.
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