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  • Having trouble with bees?

    Having trouble with bees?

    Bees are an endangered species and a bees nest will only be removed if it poses a significant threat to nearby people. Jentel Pest Management will only treat a bees nest as a last resort and with honey bees, only after contacting a qualified bee keeper.

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Carpenter Bee

Xylocopa virginica
  • Carpenter Bee
    Carpenter Bee
  • Carpenter Bee
    Carpenter Bee
  • Carpenter Bee
    Carpenter Bee
Bee Identification
3/4 - 1 inch long. Female faces are black, male faces are yellow. Bright yellow, orange or white hairs on the thorax. No hair on abdomen. Females have a stinger, males do not.
Only sting if provoked. Usually seen late-spring to mid-October. Nesting - Bare, untreated softwoods are preferred, including redwood, cedar, cypress and pine. Old nests are used year after year. Nests can be found in eaves, window trims, facia boards, siding, decks and outdoor furniture. Carpenter bees feed on flowers that contain pollen, eg Bradfords, Daffodils, Pansies. Pollen stored in abandoned tunnels for overwintering.

Carpenter bees tunnel into wood to lay eggs. Life cycle from egg – larva – pupa - adult takes approximately seven weeks. Larva is large and noisy. New adults emerge from the nest late August.

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