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  • Having trouble with ants?

    Having trouble with ants?

    Depending on the species of ant, our licensed technicians can assist you with a flexible, tailored pest control solution to meet your needs in your home or workplace.
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Bulldog Ant

  • Bulldog Ant - Myrmecia brevinoda
    Bulldog Ant (Myrmecia brevinoda)
  • Bulldog Ant - Myrmecia brevinoda
    Bulldog Ant (Myrmecia brevinoda)
  • Bulldog Ant - Myrmecia forficata
    Bulldog Ant (Myrmecia forficata)
  • Bulldog Ant - Myrmecia forficata
    Bulldog Ant (Myrmecia forficata)
  • Bulldog Ant - Myrmecia gulosa
    Bulldog Ant (Myrmecia gulosa)
  • Bulldog Ant - Myrmecia nigriceps
    Bulldog Ant (Myrmecia nigriceps)
  • Bulldog Ant - Myrmecia pilosula
    Bulldog Ant (Myrmecia pilosula)
Ant Identification
The worker of the Bulldog ant is approximately 18mm to 20mm in length - they tend to be red or black.
Bull ants can be very aggressive (if a nest is disturbed, there will be a massive outpouring attack). Bulldog Ants typically nests outdoor in soil and under logs and rocks. They are located mostly in bushy areas (they seldom enter buildings).

They can inflict a very painful sting to humans. The stinger does not remain in the victim, so the Bull Ant can sting repeatedly.

They feed on other insects and things such as honeydew from scale insects or plant nectar.

Each ant belongs to a specific caste and has a specific job to do (there are worker ants, soldier ants, the Queen and the Male – who mates with the Queen).

Bull ant colonies are relatively small, with numbers of individuals in the low hundreds rather than thousands like many other ant species. They have a fertile queen whose sole role is to lay eggs, and infertile female workers who carry out all the work required to keep the colony alive. Seasonally, fertile male and female (new queen) bull ants are produced. These have wings and leave the nest to start new colonies.
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