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  • Having trouble with mice?

    Having trouble with mice?

    Depending on the species of mosquito or midge, our licensed technicians can assist you with a flexible, tailored pest control solution to meet your needs in your home or workplace.
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House Mouse

Mus domesticus
  • House Mouse
    House Mouse
  • House Mouse
    House Mouse
  • House Mouse
    House Mouse
Mouse Identification
Size: 70 – 95mm in length, with a tail around the same length. Weight: 12 – 30g. Their relatively small feet & head and large eyes & ears distinguish them from a young brown rat (Rattus norvegicus).
House mice are active all year round, which means you could find them invading your home or business at any time.

Usually ground living and burrowing, but often climbs. Preferred food is cereals. Will eat around 3g of food a day and can survive without any additional water. They will drink up to 3ml a day if their diet is particularly dry.

4 – 16 young per litter; 7 – 8 litters a year. Gestation period of about 3 weeks. 8 – 12 weeks from birth to sexual maturity.
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