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  • Having trouble with mice?

    Having trouble with mice?

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Field Mouse

Apodemus sylvaticus
  • Field Mouse
    Field Mouse
  • Field Mouse
    Field Mouse
  • Field Mouse
    Field Mouse
Mouse Identification
The field mouse adult can be 8 to 10cm in length; Tail 70 – 90mm. The male field mouse can weigh 25g, and the female 20g. Sandy / orange brown fur on the head and back and yellowish fur on the flanks and white on the belly. There is usually a small streak of yellow on the chest.
Field mice rarely venture into inhabited buildings but in the winter months, they will go into outhouses and sheds where fruit and vegetables are stored. Field mice are a big threat to businesses operating in farming and agriculture but is not prevalent in Australia.

Field mice eat a high proportion of the seed crop of trees such as oak, beech, ash, lime, hawthorn and sycamore. Numbers can reach plague proportions in the grain belt areas. Small snails and insects are particularly important sources of food in late spring and early summer when seeds are less available. They also eat apples and will attack newly planted legume seeds.

Their lifespan averages two to three months, but they can survive as much as 20 months in the wild, or two or more years in captivity. Breeding seasons are October/November to March/April and gestation lasts approximately 25 days. They grow their first fur after six days; their eyes open after 16; and they are weaned at around 18 days old. Survival of the young and adults is poor during the first half of the breeding season as adult males can be aggressive towards one another and to the young, who are then driven from the nest. .
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